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Meet the Network Members

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Within the first weeks of joining The Building Wealth and Health Network, Porshaetta was able to start saving in her newly opened savings account. Our program helped her to slowly regain her trust with banks. 

Leslie had to quit her job of 28 years due to a serious injury. After depleting all her savings to take care of her children and her house, she was forced to obtain public assistance for support.

Naomi is inspired by black women entrepreneurs as she hopes to become one someday and fulfill her dream of opening her own restaurant. Now she is on her way towards this dream by applying what she learned from The Network to repair her credit.

Melanie started The Network having opened a savings account but there was nothing in it. Her view on saving changed in the “What’s Behind Budgeting & Savings” class where they discussed their budgets, “Pay Yourself First” and ways to save money for their future. 


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