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Witnesses to Hunger recently held a National Photo Exhibit at the African American Museum.  Members of Witnesses gave tours of the exhibit to education the public, press, and policymakers on the realities and challenges they face each day with hunger and poverty.


Witnesses to Hunger is a powerful movement where the true experts on poverty – people with lived experience – share their expertise with the public, press, and policymakers.


Center for Hunger-Free Communities Director Mariana Chilton, PhD, and Witnesses to Hunger expert Tamara Santiago participated in the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Bloomington, MN. 


A Hug from Paul Ryan follows Tianna Gaines-Turner, one of America’s working poor and a member of Witnesses to Hunger, after her testimony at the 2014 House Budget Committee’s “War on Poverty” hearing.


Philadelphia's City Council considered a resolution to hold "public hearings to examine the feasibility of having a pilot program in Philadelphia to feed needy children when schools are closed due to emergencies."  



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