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The Center for Hunger-Free Communities recently published an article, The Relationship between Child Adversity and Food Insecurity: It's Like a Bird Nesting in Your Head, in Public Health Nutrition.


As part of's 12 Days 12 Ways to Fight Poverty Campaign they featured the pictures and words of members of Witnesses to Hunger.


Recently Mariana Chilton wrote a blog post for reacting to the President's State of the Union Address. 


This year, the Center for Hunger-Free Communities continued to bring the country's attention toward the need for justice and a hunger-free society.  From national appointments to Witnesses to Hunger exhibits, we sought to shape the national dialogue on hunger and poverty and ensure that those who


Earning more income should always be a step forward for working families as they strive for economic independence. A new report from Children's HealthWatch, Making SNAP Work for Families Leaving Poverty, shows that for Philadelphia families that is not always the case. 



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