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“My favorite saying is ‘don’t give up five minutes before the miracle’... Don’t give up cause when life is on your shoulders and has you weighing down and like you just feel like giving up. You really do, but you just keep on going... [After graduating,] I now work in one of the units in the hospital. And I like it so much better there. You learn so much because you’re around the doctors and the nurses and taking care of the patient when they’re in the hospital. I like going to work now. I’m grateful to my employer for not judging me for my past.”

Earned Sick Leave

Sick leave is an employee benefit that can be used when workers or their family members are ill.  Not all employers offer sick leave as a benefit, and because many low-income jobs pay at an hourly rate, sick time is often not compensated.  Parents, especially single parents, whose children have medical problems often find that they must lose pay or even a job because they have to miss work to care for their sick children.

Current Issue

In 2011, Philadelphia City Council passed legislation mandating that employers provide a minimal number of earned sick days to their employees each year. Mayor Nutter subsequently vetoed the legislation for fear that it would hurt job creation.  City Council has not voted to override the Mayor's veto to date.  


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