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Witnesses to Hunger is growing to become a network of parents around the country dedicated to creating better lives for families struggling with hunger and poverty in the United States. If you’re interested in joining our work, please check out our toolkit


Witnesses to Hunger started in Philadelphia as a research project out of Drexel University in 2008. The first site of Witnesses to Hunger and the largest, we have worked with more than 40 mothers, many of whom have been involved in the project for over five years.  Philadelphia is also the site of many of the projects created by Witnesses to Hunger, including the Use Your Power Survival Guide and many of our outreach services and resources. Philadelphia Witnesses have also created the Witnesses to Hunger Toolkit to help other organizations and groups start their own Witnesses to Hunger project. 


Starting in 2011, in partnership with Boston ABCD and Children’s HealthWatch Boston, eight courageous mothers from the Boston area have been working with us to share their experiences and their ideas for change. With an exhibit in the fall of 2011, the Boston witnesses highlighted issues of housing, neighborhood safety, teen motherhood and food access as major concerns.


Six mothers and one father from Baltimore became Witnesses to Hunger through a partnership with Children’s HealthWatch Baltimore. Witnesses to Hunger Baltimore was begun in the summer of 2011. Issues of primary importance to the Baltimore witnesses include housing, violent neighborhoods, opportunities for those with criminal records, and educational and recreational opportunities for children. See a video of some of the Baltimore Witnesses' photographs, videos, and voices here.


Ten Camden, NJ mothers and grandmothers joined Witnesses to Hunger through a partnership with Respond, Inc. The Camden Witnesses’ photographs highlight their experiences with food and hunger, housing and homelessness, education and employment, and safety and the environment. A debut exhibit of their photographs was held in June 2013 at the Campbell Soup Company headquarters in Camden, and their second exhibit was held in September 2013. See a video of some of the Camden Witnesses' photographs, videos, and voices here.


On the Witnesses to Hunger exhibit state tour hosted by Senator Bob Casey, Jr., mothers from around the state stepped forward to add their voices and photographs to the conversation. Women from Scranton, Harrisburg, and Johnstown, PA, as well as Hyde and Clearfield counties, contributed to this project



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