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By Andrea Blanch and Mariana Chilton


We claim to be a social movement of people committed to eliminating the causes and addressing the consequences of violence and trauma.  If we are serious, we need to be out there marching on Saturday.


One in four Philadelphia residents are living in poverty and one in eight are living in deep poverty.  Our city remains the nation’s poorest big city, with a poverty rate that has stayed stagnant over the last 5 years.


On December 4 and 5, several Center for Hunger-Free Communities staff members attended the Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities Conference here in Philadelphia.


This blog post originally appeared on the Social Impact Exchange's website.

I had a fantastic experience at this year’s Social Impact Exchange Conference on Scaling Impact. Despite being one of the few people from the non-profit sector, I was warmly welcomed to join for an extraordinary two days.


My name is Angela Nike Sutton and I am here to tell you that Poverty does not discriminate…

I am a Black woman, a mother of two beautiful Black boys, and I live in Northeast Philadelphia.

I have lived in poverty in Philadelphia my whole life. Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate of any large American city.

The face of Philadelphia poverty is most likely a Black mother like me.



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