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Melissa Boteach, Keisha Nzewi, Tammy Santiago, and me

Last week I facilitated a panel entitled “The Missing Voice: Engaging and Mobilizing Clients in Advocacy” at the National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference.  I was happy to be part of this panel, along with Tammy S., a Witnesses to Hunger, and because this topic was being discussed at a national conference.

Witnesses to Hunger at Beyond Hunger Conference

The Beyond Hunger Conference surprised us. As we worked to organize our very first national conference, we believed in what we were doing but there were so many unknowns: speakers to be confirmed, attendees to connect with, and pages upon pages of checklists with many boxes left unchecked. Eventually, as time ran out, we had to just cross our fingers and hope for the best. We expected to pull off a conference…a pretty good one. What we got was inspiration.

Photo copyrighted by Shearine M., Witnesses to Hunger

I work for a kind, determined woman. She is 64-years-old and disabled and has had her eye on a power chair for a while now, hoping to improve her mobility and overall health. This past Wednesday, I went over to her house and told her to try to push her insurance to buy her that chair, as she would no longer have access to her General Assistance benefits to help her out. General Assistance, one of the most important public welfare programs in the state, will be eliminated with the passage of Governor Tom Corbett’s 2012 budget.



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