The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience

Network Curriculum

The Network provides a 16 session Financial S.E.L.F. Empowerment curriculum tailored towards individuals with zero to low earned income. Financial S.E.L.F.-Empowerment classes are a blend of both financial empowerment and personal development/S.E.L.F. Empowerment.

  • Financial Literacy– discussions on basic financial terms, resources and goals while developing techniques to apply it to various financial situations.
  • Trauma-informed S.E.L.F. Empowerment – discussions focused on Safety, Emotion, Loss & Future (SELF) from Sanctuary® trauma-informed approach to social services 

While in classes, Network members can earn L.O.T.U.S Coupons (Love. Opportunity. Trust. Understanding. Support). These Network-made coupons are given as incentives for certain member behaviors such as attending class on-time, completing homework and making deposits into their matched savings account. The members can redeem their L.O.T.U.S Coupons to pay for various entrepreneurship classes, employment training programs, background clearances, membership to the Philadelphia Zoo and much more.


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