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In its research, the Center for Hunger-Free Communities has identified a clear link between experiences of discrimination and food insecurity in Philadelphia and beyond. Because of the pervasive nature of oppression in perpetuating poverty, it is important to ensure that the Center's research, programs, and advocacy, as well as all efforts to address poverty and hunger, are rooted in a framework that acknowledges the many forms of oppression, identifies their impact on individuals and communities, and takes efforts to mitigate those effects and imbalance of power.

Noting the complex nature of oppression, the Center's team has committed to ongoing personal and group education on the various forms of oppression as an essential element of its work in an effort to address the power imbalances present its community and beyond.

The following resources have been found to be helpful.

Center for Hunger-Free Communities Reports

To learn more about the link between lifetime experiences of discrimination and household and child food insecurity, view Children's Health Watch report From Disparities to Discrimination: Getting at the Roots of Food Insecurity as well as an in-depth discussion of and recommendations on four major areas including schools, the workplace, housing, healthcare, public assistance, judicial system, and on the streets in the Center's Discrimination Spolights.

Policy and Communication Fellow Sabea Evans shares two perspectives in addressing issues of systemic racism and trauma from a healing-centered mindset in her Policy Brief on Systemic Racism and Trauma: Why Healing-centered Two-generation Approaches are Crucial to Poverty Alleviation (June 2019) and her more creative Love Brief: A Third Universe is Possible (June 2019).

Additionally, hear first-hand from Witnesses to Hunger members Tiana Gaines-Turner in her Kerner Commission Report (May 17, 2018) and Sherita Mouzon in her opinion article for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Hunger and Discrimination Go Hand in Hand (December 3, 2018) and blog post Why Are Public Assistance Programs Designed for Failure and Traumatic Oppression? (June 2019).


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