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Children who are underweight are at risk

A baby’s first three years are important. The body and brain of a baby grow very fast. If your child is underweight or doesn’t like to eat, he may have a problem called “failure to thrive.”

Without good eating habits, babies and toddlers may:

  • Suffer from illness and disease
  • Need to stay in the hospital
  • Lag behind in brain growth and IQ (measure of intelligence)
  • May have problems getting along with others and learning in school

Learn what is normal height and weight for your child

Look at other children who are the same age as you child. Does your child seem thin compared to the other child? Ask your child’s doctor or nurse about your child’s weight. If your child has low height and weight for his age, then he or she may have “failure to thrive.”

Get help from experts

At the GROW Clinic, we work with you to get your baby’s growth on track

  • You come to only one office and see each of us every time.
  • Our team includes a pediatrician (child doctor), nurse practitioner, nutritionist, psychologist, and social worker.
  • Get help with your child’s diet and mealtime behavior.
  • Get access to services such as:
    • WIC (Women Infants and Children),
    • Cash assistance (called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
    • Food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program called SNAP)
    • Housing

For an appointment at the GROW Clinic, please call 215-427-GROW (4769)

For more information, please call toll free at 1-888-ST-CHRIS or visit us at

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
East Erie Avenue and North Front Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134


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