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GROW Clinic Contact and Referral Criteria

The GROW Clinic addresses “failure to thrive” in children using a multi-disciplinary team based approach.  Under the direction of Hans Kersten, MD, the Clinic’s Medical Director, the team works with family members to address the multiple issues associated with “failure to thrive.”

If you have any questions, please call 215-427-GROW (4769)

The following are criteria for a child to be referred to the GROW Clinic

  1. Child’s height/weight falls below 5% for age.
  2. Child’s weight declines by two major % over six months time
  3. Child’s weight less than 3% for age on two occasions.
  4. Child’s weight less than 80% of ideal weight for age

Children with the above criteria will be excluded if they have a known metabolic syndrome (e.g. PKU) or organic disease (e.g. congenital heart defect).  These children should be followed by their respective specialty clinic.

What the GROW Clinic needs from a referring physician before the child makes a visit to the GROW Clinic:

  1. Last three weight, height and/or head circumference measurements.
  2. Copy of child’s growth chart (front and back, please).
  3. Complete physician referral form

Criteria required for  a child to graduates from the GROW Clinic (be discharged from the clinic).

  1. Compliance of care with GROW Team Family Plan
  2. Growth Velocity improvement


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