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Letter from Our Staff: We express our love for all of humanity and commit to continue the fight.

November 11, 2016

Dear Friend,

All of us at the Center for Hunger-Free Communities refuse to accept the rise in hatred, bigotry, and racism in America.

Instead, we express our love for all of humanity and commit to the following:

  • We oppose every form of discrimination and oppression.  
  • We are committed to eradicating the exploitation of marginalized people.
  • We embrace all people of color, lifting our fists high for #blacklivesmatter #sayhername #NoDAPL #NotOneMore #NiUnaMenos #LaGenteUnida and any emerging #;
  • We proudly embrace people of all faiths and nationalities by openly expressing joy and love for people from every country and from every spiritual walk;
  • We embrace and support LGBTQIA+ people and all those who express fluid/non-binary gender and sexual identities;
  • We love and support people of all abilities and are committed to improving accessibility of our work so we can engage and reach as many people as possible;
  • We seek to empower and embolden all women and affirm their rights to be sovereign over their bodies and minds. We affirm that women are powerful in spirit, intellect, and compassion, and should make their own choices about if, when, and how to grow their families.

We invite each of you to spread this kind of love and this spirit of connectedness throughout your communities.  Be an example to those around you.  We hope that you not only refuse to stand by, or worse, take part in spreading hatred, intolerance, and disrespect; but also, we hope you join our revolution of loving kindness, acceptance, and joyfulness in our shared humanity. 

We will be revising, clarifying, and renewing our commitment to fighting all forms of discrimination and oppression in our country, our communities, and within ourselves.  In the coming weeks, we look forward to improving transparency about how we are improving our commitment to radical honesty and our understanding that we can never be apathetic or complacent.

Yes, it will be hard-going in the next few years. But we’ll continue to to do our groundbreaking work with

  • Children’s HealthWatch, where we document and track the successes of our public assistance programs and translate it for policy-makers; we’ll continue with
  • Witnesses to Hunger, where we to help provide a platform where women of color have an opportunity to speak up and speak out loud and clear about what needs to change in our society; we’ll continue to make sure that with the
  • Building Wealth and Health Network, where we help caregivers co-create peer support programming to promote their health and economic success; and we’ll ensure that through the
  • EAT Cafe (Everyone At the Table) where everyone in our neighborhood has an opportunity to gather together in fellowship and have a 3-course meal in celebration of friends, family and community, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

We encourage you to join us in spreading hope and in sharing the kindness.  We cannot let our country, our neighbors, and our elected leaders interrupt or threaten our humanity and all that is good in each of us. 

As always, we thank you for your support and for being an extended member of our network.


In solidarity,

All the staff at the Center for Hunger-Free Communities



The above photo is of members of Witnesses to Hunger from numerous cities standing together and supporting one another at the opening of the DC Witnesses to Hunger Exhibit. 


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