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January 2018

India Baxley, 25, a single mother in Northeast Philadelphia on welfare, credits Drexel University’s Building Wealth and Health Network with giving her a workable budget plan.

The Building Wealth and Health Network's on-going successes and future plans are the subject of a Philadelphia Inquirer article, Drexel Program Addresses Trauma to Help Women in Poverty Save Money - and One Day Create a Bank. The article highlighted the Network's recently released outcomes paper, and featured commentary by the program's founder, Dr. Mariana Chilton, the Project Director, Falguni Patel, MPH, and Network members India Baxley, Naomi Robinson, and Stephanie Sahko.


The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a profile on the increasing rates of hunger in Philadelphia relative to the rest of the country. The research of Dr. Mariana Chilton and the Center for Hunger-Free Communities on hunger in the city are referenced in this article.


The Center's research was quoted in a  Philadelphia Inquirer article about how Francisville neighborhood residents have organized a food distribution site to address hunger in their community.


Mariana Chilton joined WHYY's Radio Times to discuss poverty in Philadelphia.  Philadelphia remains the poorest major U.S. city. Nearly 26 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.


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