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Chilton Publishes Paper on Russian "Gay Propaganda Law"

October 8, 2019
Russia LGBTQ Flag
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October 1, 2019

The Center's Director Mariana Chilton, PhD, along with lead author Drexel PhD candidate Caroline H. Voyles, published an article in the Health and Human Rights Journal focused on Russia's "gay propaganda law." The article titled “Respect, Protect, and Fulfill or Reject, Neglect, and Regress? Children’s Rights in the Time of the Russian ‘Gay Propaganda Law’” specifically examines the 2018 conviction of a Russian minor for violating the law, which criminalizes public messaging that supports sexual and gender minority communities in the presence of youth.

The authors critique the law using a human rights framework and demonstrate that while its stated intention is to protect minors, it actually is more detrimental to youth who may be sexual or gender minorities.


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