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CNN airs "Witnesses to Hunger: A portrait of food insecurity in America"

September 26, 2011
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September 26, 2011

This news story, which aired September 22nd on CNN's American Morning program, featured interviews with Witnesses to Hunger Tianna Gaines-Turner, Barbie Izquierdo, and Jean Culver, as well as Witnesses to Hunger founder Dr. Mariana Chilton.  



The three witnesses spoke with CNN correspondent Deborah Feyerick about their struggles with having enough to feed their families and going without food so that their children have enough to eat.  Tianna and her husband Marcus described feeding themselves from their children's leftovers, what they call "kid surfing." 

Jean, a new witness from Scranton, PA, told CNN, "I feel like even if we have food - if I eat a snack, for instance - then I'm taking it away from my kids." She describes a photograph she took for the project of a small pile of change: "That was all I had. I mean and so many things that needed to be done with that change. It's just overbearing. It's hard to handle. "

Barbie told CNN about days that have passed without her eating, and that eating once in a day has felt like a good thing. "For a long time I felt food was a one should feel that way," she said. "If I can change it now, when my daughter gets older she might not have to go through this."

The witnesses also inspired CNN producer Sheila Steffan, who worked on the story, to try living off the amount the average SNAP (food stamp) participant receives. You can follow Sheila's experiences here.


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