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Conference Video Highlights

July 26, 2012
Event Date: 
May 2, 2012 to May 4, 2012
Video highlights from the Beyond Hunger conference are available!

Did you miss the Beyond Hunger Conference? Video clips from the conference have now been uploaded to our website. The videos cover key topics explored through the lived experiences of those who are experiencing hunger and poverty firsthand. More videos will be added to both the website and our youtube channel in the coming weeks!

Our first two videos tell the story of two of our speakers from the youth panel during the conference. Jahzaire Sutton, from Philadelphia, and Shaykia Smith, from Baltimore, both share what it has been like growing up without having enough food for the entire family. Their emotional stories explore the impact that food insecurity has on both on their mothers and their own lives.

Our second set of videos feature women who have experienced hunger and poverty adding their perspective to a panel discussion about how to improve the safety net programs. Their insight shows how such safety net programs have affected their lives and what could change to improve the system.

Keep checking back for more videos in the upcoming weeks!


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