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Fair Work Week Philadelphia

October 31, 2018
Fair Workweek Philadelphia
Event Date: 
October 30, 2018

The "Fair Workweek" scheduling bill for retail, fast-food, and hotel workers in Philadelphia got one step closer to becoming law Tuesday, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

This is good news for over 130,000 retail and hospitality workers in Philadelphia who are subject to unstable working hours, last-minute shift changes, and other indignities that make it difficult to break the cycle of poverty. 

In addition, the Keystone Research Center released a report that indicated that workers with unstable and unpredictable working hours are much more likely to report food insecurity than those with stable working hours-- 51% vs. 23%. That means more than half of workers without a fair work week have experienced hunger in the past year. With fair labor laws, we can ensure that fewer people are hungry in Philadelphia. 

For more, see the article in the Philly Inquirer and One Pennsylvania


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