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Mariana Chilton Testifies at Hearing on Child Hunger Philadelphia City Council

March 7, 2019
Dr. Mariana Chilton, Hilary Stiebel, Kathy Fisher, and Dr. Linda Kilby before CouncilPeople Blondell Reynolds Brown and Helen Gym
Event Date: 
March 7, 2019

On March 5, 2019, Dr. Mariana Chilton provided testimony to Philadelphia City Council for a hearing on child hunger, called for in a resolution sponsored by Councilperson Blondell Reynolds Brown. Dr. Chilton joined Dr. Linda Kilby, Executive Director of N.O.R.T.H, Inc, Hilary Stiebel, Programs Manager for Philabundance, and Kathy Fisher, Policy Director for The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger in a panel providing testimonies on actionable solutions to be led by the City. 

In her written testimony, Dr. Chilton listed the causes of child food insecurity including low wages, lack of wealth, broken social services systems, social isolation and depression, and exposure to violence and discrimination. She also called for one major solution:

"Commit to creating a city-wide plan to end hunger in Philadelphia. Commit the staffing to work on the plan, make it public, hold City Council and the Mayor accountable. Announce and back up this plan to end hunger through a city ordinance."


You can find Dr. Chilton's written testimony in its entirety here.


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