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New Haven Independent: Combatting Hunger, 8 Schools Add Dinner

February 23, 2018
Event Date: 
February 20, 2018

Several members of Witnesses to Hunger: New Haven spoke at last week’s Board of Education meeting about the urgency of bringing supper to more schools. The New Haven Independent reports on this story.

Witnesses spoke to the unequivocal importance of such program, “particularly in a city where one in five New Haveners are estimated to be “food insecure,” meaning at some point in the past month they missed a meal because they were unable to afford food.”

Witness to Hunger Kimberly Hart laid out the realities of students and families who contend with food insecurity for the assembled board members:

“I don’t know the logistics behind it, I don’t know what it’s going to cost, I don’t know what the federal government will do. I don’t know any of that information. All I know is that if we had a supper at the schools, my son would not come home hungry. I would not have to sit and watch him eat alone because we don’t have enough food.”

Five public schools in New Haven will add their numbers to the three schools that already offer dinner for students. Attempts are presently underway to extend this number further. With this, in addition to the school breakfast program, students will have the option to take three meals at school as needed.

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