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A Note to the Mayor's Office: Discrimination and Racism in Philadelphia

January 15, 2019
Kids should be able to play in a nice playground. -Annette S., 11
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January 15, 2019

Sherita Mouzon has penned an open letter discussing her experiences of discrimination growing up in North Philadelphia.

As a lifelong Philadelphia resident, I have witnessed multiple forms of discrimination: the public-school system with unsanitary conditions; the disrepair of the buildings; seeing my husband get pulled over for driving while black; being turned down for certain jobs because of the color of my skin.

As a child, my mom would always take us by way of walking to Center City. Even then, I was so in awe about how clean and beautiful Center City looked compared to my North Philadelphia neighborhood. And now fast-forward, the wealth and privilege you see in Philadelphia is astounding! Then you go to the poor black and Latino areas, all you see are delis that sell beer and poor-quality foods. And if you go to the suburbs, you will see no such thing.

This letter is a moving piece of prose, accompanied by photos taken by members of Witnesses to Hunger in 2008. The letter also shows photos taken by the children of Witnesses to Hunger ten years later. 

To read the full letter, see below. 


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