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Pay it Forward with a Donation to the EAT Café

September 21, 2016
Event Date: 
September 21, 2016

Help Us Bring Everyone to the Table! The EAT Café, a project of the Center of Hunger-Free Communities, will open it's doors soon and we need your help! Support EAT Café by making a donation here

As a nonprofit pay-what-you-can restaurant, EAT Café is the first of its kind in Philadelphia. Guests will enjoy three-course meals made from fresh ingredients. At the end of their meal, our guests will have the option to pay the suggested price, pay more, or pay whatever they can.

At a time when nearly 1 in 4 Philadelphians are food insecure, meaning they lack access to enough food for an active and healthy life, the EAT Café is founded on the belief that everyone has a right to access healthy, hearty food with dignity. At the EAT Café, families and individuals experiencing hunger will find a nurturing and supportive place to enjoy a healthy meal. At the same time, the Café encourages patrons to give back to community and build connections through a pay-it-forward opportunity. 

In order to make the EAT Café a success, we need your support. Your gift will help to sustain our mission and operations to ensure that everyone in the community can have a nutritious meal in a welcoming environment no matter their ability to pay.

A donation of:

  • $15 = a meal for one person
  • $50 = a meal for 1 family of four
  • $100 = a meal for 2 families of four
  • $250 = a meal for 5 families of four
  • $500 = a meal for 10 families of four
  • $1500 = a meal for 30 families of four

Every donation will help the EAT Café provide nourishing meals to all members of the community. 


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