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Philadelphia Inquirer: At community dinner, stories of struggle and messages of change

September 18, 2015
Event Date: 
September 18, 2015

Featuring an exhibit from the members of Witnesses to Hunger, the Community Table even brought together people to enjoy a meal and make commitments to end hunger in the Philadelphia area.  

You can view pictures from the event by clicking here and below is an excerpt from an article about the event. 


A group of community, business, and political leaders sat across a dinner table Thursday night from residents who don't always have enough to eat.

People who have lived with hunger and homelessness shared their stories without a bid for sympathy.

"Hunger doesn't discriminate," said Angela "Nike" Sutton, 39, of Northeast Philadelphia.  "It's all over, and it's in our own backyard."

Sutton share the challenge of stretching income from her disability check to feed a family that includes two young sons at an event aimed to galvanizing the region to step up it's antihunger efforts as Philadelphia prepares to host Pope Francis.

A Call to Action brought city leaders and activists toegther with people who face food insecurity to share a meal, conversation, and a pledge to work harder.  The event was organized by the Hunger and Homelessness Committee of the World Meeting of Families. 


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