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Philadelphia Inquirer: Drexel program addresses trauma to help women in poverty save money

January 31, 2018
India Baxley, 25, a single mother in Northeast Philadelphia on welfare, credits Drexel University’s Building Wealth and Health Network with giving her a workable budget plan.
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January 29, 2018

The Building Wealth and Health Network's on-going successes and future plans are the subject of a Philadelphia Inquirer article, Drexel Program Addresses Trauma to Help Women in Poverty Save Money - and One Day Create a Bank. The article highlighted the Network's recently released outcomes paper, and featured commentary by the program's founder, Dr. Mariana Chilton, the Project Director, Falguni Patel, MPH, and Network members India Baxley, Naomi Robinson, and Stephanie Sahko.

"Created in 2014, the network had its first major progress report published this month in the Journal of Child and Family Studies. The results were heartening: Mothers on TANF who received both financial-empowerment education and support for exposure to trauma and abuse through the network reported less depression and reduced economic hardship.

“Results … suggest that trauma-informed approaches may create steady improvements in health and income,” the report stated.

What made women feel better was simply talking with one another, joined in a burgeoning sisterhood, Chilton said, adding, “It’s a kinder, more joyous way of ending poverty.”

The Building Wealth and Health Network utilizes a trauma-informed, evidence-based model.Through a unique, financial SELF empowerment curriculum, advocacy, and engagement the Network is poised to support our members in building their assets, social networks, and career success, and to transform communities into wealthier and healthier places. You can follow the latest Network happenings on facebook or twitter @thebwhnetwork.


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