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Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. agency offers more food aid to low-income children

June 27, 2013
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June 26, 2013

The Center for Hunger-Free Communities is coordinating efforts across Pennsylvania to expand a child care feeding program to the most vulnerable children.  Currently in Pennsylvania, the Child and Adult Care Feeding Program (CACFP) does not cover relative and neighbor providers.  CACFP will allow the providers to get reimbursed for nutritious meals they serve to the children while they are in their care.  The expansion of this program, thanks to the hard work of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and organizations through out Pennsylvania, will reduce hunger and poor nutritious among children in relative and neighbor care.

Below is an exerpt from a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has changed course on a decade-old policy that kept millions of dollars in federal food subsidies from low-income children who are in child care with relatives and neighbors.

Advocates estimate as many as 38,000 of the state's neediest children could benefit from the recent changes to the federal Children and Adult Care Food Program.

Starting next month, relatives and neighbors providing state-approved child-care services to low-income children will be able to apply for the aid. An Education Department official estimated the program could bring in $3 million more each month for the state's child-care system, depending on how many providers sign up.


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