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March 1, 2017
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March 1, 2017

Gender, Race, And Poverty In 2017: How Can Women Of Color Harness Our Collective Power To Improve Our Communities?

2017 brings about a new administration with a new agenda.

Community activists and advocates, journalists, organizers, STEM professionals are all experiencing a call to work even harder to make life better for those in need. Women of color, especially, face unique challenges in education, employment, healthcare access, housing, and more.

How can we harness our talents, skills, strengths, and power to work together for change? 

How can we make an impact in both our communities and our government?

What are the next steps in "The Resistance" and what role will women of color play in the fight against poverty, hunger, and violence?

Join us for this important conversation and learn more about how YOU can make a difference.


The EAT Cafe

3820 Lancaster Avenue

March 4, 2017


Refreshments will be served



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