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Witnesses to Hunger Evaluation Report

February 1, 2017
Event Date: 
February 1, 2017

The Witnesses to Hunger Evaluation Report represents the first time we have been able to take a long pause and think about how well we’re doing as a group – to reflect and self-evaluate. 

We set out to find out how members of Witnesses to Hunger view our work and our actions, and to find out from our partners what they value most about Witnesses to Hunger. We held focus groups and interviews, created surveys, and sought feedback from our members, partners, and staff.

We learned that what members of Witnesses to Hunger value most is the sense of connection to others committed to “breaking the chain” of poverty, and that one of the most important roles of the program is to connect members and sites with one another. We were glad to learn that our partners truly value our work, and that our staff is devoted to our success.  We also learned that most of us want to take more local action, and to see direct impact in our own communities. For these kinds of actions, we will need more training and time to invest in members’ professional development. Then, we’ll be ready to get back on the road, train others, and build a lasting movement to eradicate poverty.

We invite you to have a look at what we learned, and to join and support us in our next steps forward.

To download the report click here.


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