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Witnesses to Hunger Participate in Maryland Hunger Solutions Event

March 29, 2013
Event Date: 
March 29, 2013

Witnesses to Hunger was invited to exhibit photographs and speak at a Maryland Hunger Solutions breakfast at the Maryland State House in Annapolis on March 21, 2013.  Maryland is the wealthiest state in the US and yet one in six Marylanders did not have enough money to buy food last year, according to a recent FRAC report.

Shaunte, a Witness from Baltimore, is a mother of three children and works as a waitress.  Despite serving food to people, she struggles to put food on her own table.  Shaunte spoke about having to decided between buying medication her daughter needs and buy food to feed her children.  A decision no mother should have to make, but one too many are faced with only a daily basis.

We would like to thank Maryland Hunger Solutions for inviting Witnesses to be part of this event and we look forward to working to end hunger not just in Maryland but throughout this country. 


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