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As we recognize the 50th anniversary of our nation's War on Poverty, advocates and legislators reflect on the quality and effectiveness of our government assistance programs. The members of Witnesses to Hunger know how these programs are working on the ground, and have recommendations on how to end poverty and increase opportunities for all Americans. 


A post on highlights three solutions to poverty that Tianna Gaines-Turner included in her written testimony for the House Budget Committee War on Poverty hearing.


In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Tianna Gaines-Turner responds to Darlena Cuhna's account of receiving WIC benefits and driving a Mercedes to pick them up.


On July 13, Tianna Gaines-Turner made an appearance on the Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC to discuss her experience testifying in front of the House Budget Committee and showcasing her personal narrative to influence policy. This post includes a link to the video of her appearance.


In a second article about Tianna Gaines-Turner's testimony at the House Budget Committee War on Poverty Hearing last week, Bryce Covert from ThinkProgress discusses the questioning that Tianna received at the hearing.



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