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Ten mothers and grandmothers from Camden, New Jersey are the newest members of Witnesses to Hunger.   In what has been named one of the most impoverished and dangerous cities in America, 10 women are sharing their stories and photographs of what life is like for them and their children. The pictures of their communities, children, and homes paint a picture of the need but also the strength of Camden.


Recently, Greg Kaufmann of The Nation wrote about Tianna Gaines-Turner's written testimony that was submitted to the House Budget Committee for their hearing on the


The Melissa Harris Perry show invited Tianna Gaines-Turner, a member of Witnesses to Hunger, back to her show to discuss her family's experience being food insecure. 


Kate Scully, Policy Analyst for the Center for Hunger Free Communities, was recently interviewed about a House Budget Committee Hearing on the progress of the War on Poverty and the lack of a witnesses at the hearing to talk about their own experiences living in poverty. 



Dr. Mariana Chilton was interviewed for an article about the negative view many have about those who are living in poverty. 




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