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The latest edition of SJ Magazine included an interview with Beatrize Campos, one of the Camden of Witnesses to Hunger.  Below is an excerpt from the article.


Today the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Service released the annual report on food insecurity in the United States.  They report that 17.6 million households, or 14.5 percent, were food insecure in 2012.  (“Food insecurity” refers to not having access to enough food for an active and healthy life.)


Joanna Cruz was interviewed for NPR's Weekend Edition.  She discussed how difficult is it to support herself and her three children on minimum wage.  Click here to listen to the full interview and an excerpt of the transcript is below:


One in every four children in America doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.

It’s an issue that has often passed quietly under the radar and gets little attention on TV or in books. But a new film screened Wednesday night at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center, A Place at the Table, aims to change that by bringing the issue to the forefront of people’s minds.

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Dr. Mariana Chilton was invited to take part in a panel discussion following a screening of the movie a Place at the Table.  Below is a excerpt from an article in the Vineyard Gazette about that event:


Ten mothers and grandmothers from Camden, New Jersey are the newest members of Witnesses to Hunger.   In what has been named one of the most impoverished and dangerous cities in America, 10 women are sharing their stories and photographs of what life is like for them and their children. The pictures of their communities, children, and homes paint a picture of the need but also the strength of Camden.



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