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Building Wealth and Health Network

Building Wealth and Health Network participants on final day

The Building Wealth and Health Network is an opportunity for parents and caregivers of young children to increase their income and savings, improve health and wellbeing, shape their own futures, and to do so in a community of their peers.

The Network does this through three main components.

  1. Financial Literacy and S.E.L.F Empowerment Curriculum 
  2. Matched Savings Account
  3. Coaching and Peer Support

The Network has proven affective in helping members heal from adversity, feel less isolated, and improve economic security. Learn more about the impact and outcomes of the Network.

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TANF often ignores underlying issues, such exposure to violence and financial exclusion, creating barriers to economic security. The Building Wealth and Health Network (The Network) addresses this shortfall. The Network provides trauma-informed peer support, financial empowerment education, and matched savings accounts to help caregivers build their family's wealth and health.


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