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Angela S

Angela S
Active 2008-Present

"The key is to prevent everybody needing welfare.  The key is to get people off welfare.  You don’t want this to keep being a repeated cycle. It seems like it’s a repeated cycle, and it gets worse."

Angela S., a member of Witnesses to Hunger from Philadelphia, PA, is the mother of two boys, ages seven and thirteen. She supports her family with limited resources, including a low income and SNAP (i.e., food stamps).  Angela has overcome many challenges in her life, including experiences with violence and homelessness. She has earned an associate’s degree, and is trying to finish her bachelor’s  degree so she can start a career and support her family without worrying about stretching her limited income through the end of the month. However, she has had difficulty securing funding for her classes. Despite all her struggles, Angela has become a leader for change with Witnesses to Hunger.

See Angela and her son Jahzaire on ABC Nightly News with Diane Sawyer. The story featured documentary footage shot by Jahzaire

Angela was featured on Ebru Television, an international news agency with viewers across the globe, and her writing and photography were featured on Media Voices for Children.

2 children, Ayaan, age 7, and Jahzaire, age 13
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