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Angelica R

Angelica R
Active 2008-Present

"I went through a lot of stuff, but it’s all done with. I’m all right now, so I've got to move forward, can’t go back and change everything. The thing I tell my kids is don’t make the same mistakes."

Angelica is thirty-one and the mother of six children. When Angelica first joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008, she was renting a three-bedroom house for her large family. She had a serious issue with cockroaches, and the landlord had done nothing to get rid of the problem. Every month she was using a harsh poison to keep the roaches at bay—the poison is so strong that just applying it made her head and throat hurt and she worried about her children’s exposure.  Now she lives in a better house, but she would like to own her own place. She is unable to get a mortgage due to bad credit, and has been on a housing waitlist for several years.

Angelica receives Food Stamps but they sometimes don’t last her until the end of the month.  She has been in court several times for child support and is frustrated because it doesn’t seem that the court rulings have been in favor of the child. The father of her older children was abusive towards Angelica for several years before she got the strength to leave him and now he refuses to help his children financially. She would like to go back to school to become a nurse, but struggles to finance her eduation.

six children
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