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Anisa D.

Active 2013-Present


Anisa is a resident of the Fairview neighborhood of Camden, and is the mother of four children and grandmother of a 3 year-old. She is helping to raise her grandson while her daughter works two jobs, and is also supporting her oldest son, a full-time college student. A long-time resident of Camden, she joined Witnesses to Hunger because she wants to support and encourage other parents who are struggling to raise their children on a limited income.


Anisa reflects on being a Witness to Hunger with the Center for Hunger-Free Communities:

“I joined Witnesses to make a difference in the lives of others who are struggling like me. I’m glad I joined because it has opened up my life to a lot of different things. Just knowing I have the backing of a lot of wonderful people makes me want to do more. I’m glad to be one of the voices in our group because a lot of people are not aware of the struggles we go through in our daily life. Thank you to all who help make this a success.”

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