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Ashley O

Ashley O
Active 2008-Present

"No matter what level, what class, everybody needs to make a living. Jobs need to be created to just give that chance.  People are capable."

See Ashley featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ashley is twenty-six and the mother of a five year-old boy. She was attending community college when her son was born, but was forced to pull out of her final semester a month early because of problems obtaining child care.  She explains, “I was like three or four weeks short of finishing that semester and I couldn’t because I couldn’t find anybody else to keep watching my son while waiting for a child care subsidy to kick in.  I did this in December so that I could have my baby in daycare in January.  I went the whole semester  with no daycare." Because Ashley had to pay for that semester even though she didn’t finish, she now has outstanding loans that make re-enrolling very difficult.  She is bilingual, well-educated and has a passion to work for change in her community. 
When Ashley joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008, she and her son were receiving food stamps, but the food that they were able to buy didn't last throughout the month. She was frustrated and saddened by what she describes as “the worst feeling in the world”—not being able to feed her son when he is hungry. Ashley is now working full time and plans to return to school to finish her degree.

She shot the below video in 2008 when she and her neighbors went looking for donations from a food pantry:


1 son: Carlos Jr., 5
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