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Barbie I

Barbie I
Active 2008-Present

"I wish people would just look at you for who you are, and not treat you like they are superior; like you’re on a different level just because you need Welfare.  I’m so used to being let down. I’m so used to being disappointed.  I’m so used to everything just crumbling down on me that I don’t ask for any help anymore."

When Barbie joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008, she was twenty years old, with two young children. Barbie was living with her mother, and could not receive receive food stamps on her own because of her living situation.  They had just spent a winter living without heat, and Barbie said her children were sick all the time. She explained, “We practically lived in the emergency room.”

Barbie has been a vocal advocate for herself and her community.  Barbie has spoken at events around the country, to the press, and she was featured in the documentary on hunger in the US, A Place at the Table

Today Barbie is a freshman at Esperanza College in Philadelphia and she has a strong interest of studying law so she can work on issues of social justice and support her community.


Below are addition clips and videos of Barbie's work with Witnesses to Hunger:

  • Barbie has been featured on this BBC World Business News Podcast and on WHYY Radio Times
  • Barbie has also been written about in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post and in a video by the Associated Press.
2 children: Aiden, age 6, and Leylanie, age 7
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