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Betty B.

Betty B. is a Witness to Hunger from the island of Martha’s Vineyard, MA. The Vineyard is perceived to be a very wealthy community -- and many wealthy people vacation there. However, there is also a hidden, but very real, group of people with low income. On a small Island, there is fear of lack of privacy, people therefore try to hide their need for financial assistance or food. Betty often finds that residents must face the “heat or eat” dilemma, sacrificing food so that the house can be heated during the cold New England winter. The difference between the health care of the wealthy and the poor is huge, and Betty is  concerned about quality of and access to health care. Often an expensive trip off the Island is required for proper care, and poor people can't afford it. There is a big gap between the wealthy faces of the summer community (and even some of the year-round population) and the disadvantaged people of Martha’s Vineyard. Betty believes that Witnesses to Hunger offers a chance to prove that hunger exists in every community, every environment, every zip code throughout the country.

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