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Christinana K

Christinana K
Active 2008-Present

This is the day that they called me and told me that I had the job--I was so excited. So I took that picture, instead of a picture of me being depressed. I was excited that I had a job and hopefully I no longer have to depend on public assistance.

When Christinana joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008, she was twenty-two and the mother of two children, aged two and eight months. She had recently found a job at a university hospital as a medical assistant, and was excited to have a job that provides health insurance and a decent wage because it offers her hope that she will be able to get out of the welfare system.  

Christinana has goals beyond just being able to sustain her family. She would like to go to college to get a degree in forensics and would like to move out of Philadelphia because she doesn’t think the city is a safe place to raise kids.  She is has applied for a housing voucher in Harrisburg, PA, because she thinks Harrisburg will offer her children better opportunities, although she is concerned that as an outsider and an African American she is less welcome there.

2 children
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