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Erica S

Erica S
Active 2008-Present

"Come leave your world just for one week and live in my world.  Tell me how you're going to make it and survive-- how emotionally you're going to keep yourself together.   To day-by-day look at your kids and tell them, 'I don't have any money to take you to the store.'  Or, 'We're eating Oodles of Noodles today because the food stamps didn't last.'"


Erica is twenty-seven  and the mother of two daughters.  When Erica joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008, she had recently received training through a welfare program as a medical assistant but was unable to find a job in that field.

Erica receives Food Stamps, but they don’t always last throughout the month.  She often has to feed herself and her children meals of instant noodles because that is all they can afford even though she knows it is unhealthy.  Until recently, Erica was living in a neighborhood that she considers “the ‘hood”,  and was worn out from constantly worrying about the safety of her children. She saw all of the abandoned buildings in her neighborhood and wondered about how different her neighborhood could be if those houses were used for affordable housing or programming like recreational centers.
Erica recently moved to the South and would like to start a branch of Witnesses to Hunger in South Carolina.
2 daughters: Adore and Precious
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