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Janelle R

Janelle R
Active 2008-2012

"You don’t want to say no if somebody comes and asks you for food and you have it. You want to give it to them. But then you want to say no, because what if my kids don’t have food to eat the next day?"

When Janelle joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008, she was twenty-five and the mother of two young boys. She and her children were living in a relative's house with six other adults in four bedrooms. Janelle lived in one room with her two children and shared a bed with her sister because there wasn't enough room for two beds. Janelle had to move in with her mother when the apartment building she’d been living in was shut down by Licensing and Inspections because it was deemed uninhabitable. Janelle's housing situation was her most pressing concern, and she had hoped to get into a shelter outside of Philadelphia.

Two sons
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