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Laticia A

Laticia A
Active 2008-November 2013

Laticia Ansley was a member of Witnesses to Hunger since its start in 2008. Tish, or “Mom Tish,” was committed to making a positive change in the lives of people in poverty. At the forefront of this deep passion and concern is her granddaughter, Talieca, now 8 years old. In one of her first interviews for the project, Tish hit home the ultimate goal of Witnesses to Hunger: 

“I need my problems to be addressed and need to be heard, and I want it to change. Not just for me, but for anybody who’s having problems, anybody who’s having any kind of difficulties where they shouldn’t have ‘em. I want it to be fixed, I want us to be heard, and when the higher people hear us, that they’ll agree with us and that they’ll work on fixin’ it. Don’t just say we’re gonna help you, and brush it under the rug. I wanna see change.”

Tish lost her hard-fought battle with cancer on Wednesday, November 26, 2013. We thank Tish for her all that she has taught us over these past five years, and for her sharing her loving heart with us. We miss you, and we promise to carry on your commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Granddaughter Talieca, age 5
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