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Marinette R

Marinette R
Active 2008-Present

"I always say I would never give up on my kids. I always would try to do the best for them to at least graduate from high school because I’m not going to be able to afford for them to go to college or anything like that...I will never give up on them. I will always push them and try my best."

See Marinette featured in these two CBS Evening News stories: 2009's Children of the Recession and this follow-up with the families in 2010.

Marinette R., a member of Witnesses to Hunger from Philadelphia, PA, is the proud mother of five, and grandmother of two. Over the course of her time with Witnesses to Hunger, Marinette has struggled with housing and homelessness, and she lived in a shelter with all five kids for a period of time. Today, she has happily moved out of the city and to Bucks County, where she is celebrating the three-year anniversary of moving to her new home. Marinette hopes to get her GED and find stable employment. She is passionate about helping others in similar situations, especially with issues of housing.

five children, aged 4 to 18
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