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Mayra M

Mayra M
Active 2008-Present

"My little daughter, she's got real bad asthma… she can’t run, she can’t play too much... When it’s really cold she start coughing. And the heater I've got in my house doesn't work... I want a big house, I want everything for her... I put my four kids first."

Mayra collects angels and displays them in her home because they make her feel good; she likes to think the angels help her to get through each day.  When Mayra first joined Witnesses to Hunger, one of her major struggles was with housing and sub-standard living conditions.  Her landlord has not addressed many serious issues that affect her family's health and well-being: there is no heat, leaking water, roof problems, no way to cook.  The outside environment was no better, with trash strewn about attracting rats to the neighborhood. Mayra has since moved to a better house, but she is desperate for subsidized housing after having been on the waiting list for several years.

Mayra is 29 years old and divorced with four children.  One son has development problems and all of the children and Mayra suffer from asthma. Mayra has had several health problems of her own that have prevented her from finding work. Mayra also has difficulties at her doctor’s office because her medications are not explained to her in detail due to language barriers. 

In the same way that Mayra finds comfort in her angels, her neighborhood friends find an angel in Mayra.  She is a giving person to those around her even though she has so little herself.

4 children, youngest Julisa, age 2
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