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Mona H

Mona H

“How can we teach our kids to have high hopes if we don’t have high hopes? If we have no self-esteem within ourselves?”

Mona is thirty-nine years old and the mother of young twins, as well as a teenage son and daughter.  She learned as a young child to cook and clean and helped to care for her siblings. 

Learning these “mothering skills” at a young age helped Mona to become someone who loves, respects, and listens to her children.  Although she grew up in an abusive household, Mona is looking to provide better options for her children.  She wishes for after-school programs to engage her children in productive, education activities but has not found these opportunities readily available for them.

Mona has worked all her life, but was forced to take early retirement when her twins were born. The family now relies on her husband's income, which doesn't meet the household's needs. Mona is now determined to further her education and is taking courses online to obtain a degree in Business Management.  She has managed to apply herself in these program studies even though she has no options for child care because she cannot afford a daycare.

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