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Myra Y

Myra Y
Active 2008-Present


Why me? Why do my bills have to get cut off for $84? I don’t have a hundred and something dollars a month to pay the gas, electricity, phone company, and buy Pampers and buy food, pay my rent. I don’t have money like that. I know God makes a way for everybody, but right now I’m struggling.

See Myra featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Myra is the 42-year old legal guardian of a five year-old son and the mother of a newborn daughter. Myra is Todd's great-aunt and has been his legal guardian since he left the hospital at birth: he was born addicted to drugs and premature. Myra herself is diabetic and battles other health issues.

Myra has dealt with many hardships in her life, including abuse as a young girl that forced her to leave home as a teenager. She says that her son, Todd, keeps her alive.  She and Todd get food stamps and medical insurance, but the food stamps don’t last through the month, and the two of them often don’t have enough to eat.

Click below to see Myra's testimony on the importance of the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program.  The video was made for the Coalition on Human Needs.


In 2009, Myra lost her child, Nashyia, at seven months of pregnancy. In the summer of 2011, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

2 children: Todd, 5, and a baby girl
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