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Omunique P

Omunique P
Active 2008-Present

"There's just so much stuff that's happening out here... Do you know how many people died this week?  When I say about twenty people died on Dauphin and Susquehanna this week, got shot up… When I get on the bus to go home my face is frowning, like oh my God… I don't wanna go back home. I know I'm going back home to my kids, but I'm also going back home to go hear another gunshot…"

Omunique is twenty-three and the mother of three young children. When Omunique joined Witnesses to Hunger she was living at home with her mother and stepfather and receiving cash assistance and food stamps. Omunique is eager to get a job but is held back by the fact that she doesn’t have her high school diploma, and the GED program that Welfare recently sent her to didn’t teach her what she needed to take the test.

Omunique would like to go into law or law enforcement, probably because she is troubled by the violence in her own neighborhood. She thinks the violence in her neighborhood stems from the fact that young people have limited options for education or mobility and turn to fighting to express their frustrations. Omunique would like to get out of her neighborhood so her children can grow up in a more peaceful environment, but her limited income prevents her from living independently.  

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