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Pauline S

Active 2008-Present

"If you ask me is this where you thought you was gonna be at twenty-nine years old? No. There’s no way we should go through the things we go through, whether it be the faults of our parents, the system, whatever… When you have somebody who's trying to better themselves there should be people with compassion to  help them and see them succeed… There’s something that can be done. The resources are there, the people are there, the money is there. Why is it not being used for what it can be used for?"

Hear Pauline's interview with ABC World News in a report on child poverty.

Pauline is 32 and the mother of three young children. She lives with the father of her children and a boarder in a two-bedroom apartment and the landlord is constantly threatening them with eviction because they are behind on their rent. Pauline’s boyfriend arrived in the United States several years ago and he struggles to find work that will pay him enough to feed his family. Pauline is unable to work because of a disability.

The amount that the family receives in public assistance and from the father's job doesn’t cover the price of food, so there are times when she and her children don’t have enough money for food and other necessities.

3 children, aged 2 to 5
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