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Sabrina A

Sabrina  A
Active 2008-2012

"The only money I get is my daughter’s money. That’s it, and I spend it on her… like I told my mom, first priority is my daughter, then me. That’s what a lot of people say that they admire that about me. That they see I’d rather dress my daughter better than dress myself better…I’m not going to let my daughter suffer just because I want to dress nice."

When Sabrina joined Witnesses to Hunger she was twenty years old and the mother of a daughter, Gabriela, with another child on the way. Gabriela was born very premature and has Cerebral Palsy, so her health and development are Sabrina’s main concerns. Sabrina and Gabriela are insured under Medicaid and two Child Link therapists come out to Sabrina’s home to assist Gabriela’s development. She and Gabriela were living in one room in her parents’ house.

Sabrina doesn’t know how she would survive without the help of her parents. Sabrina’s parents are immigrants, and they also rely on her as the only English speaker in the house. She was previously living on her own but was unable to afford the rent and taking care of Gabriela by herself was difficult. Her daughter receives an SSI check, but because that is counted as income they receive a very small amount of cash assistance and food stamps. Sabrina does not receive child support from Gabriela’s father and he doesn’t want anything to do with his daughter because of her disabilities. Sabrina never finished high school and the only jobs she's had have been in housekeeping.

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