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Sharelle F

Sharelle F
Active 2008-Present

“Plenty of times if I run out of milk I have to borrow money from somebody just to buy some milk, or go somewhere to get free milk, just to last until my next appointment."

When Sharelle joined Witnesses to Hunger, she was a 21-year-old single mother of two children.  The father of her children is incarcerated.  Sharelle was on Welfare and receiving WIC, but had been ineligible for food stamps because she was living with her mother and was under the age of twenty-two. 

Before Sharelle was eligible to receive food stamps for herself and her children, there was often not enough to eat in the house and Sharelle had to rely on charitable organizations to supplement her food.  These organizations have also helped her with diapers and have assisted with paying her gas bill when it was turned off.  Sharelle admits that she sometimes had to resort to diluting her baby’s formula with water in order to make it last longer.  

Sharelle was an excellent student through high school and after graduating received a degree as a Pharmacy Technician.  In order to provide a better life for her children Sharelle would like to go back to college someday. 

2 children, youngest Aniyahlyn, age 2
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