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Shearine M

Active 2008-Present

“I overcome my barriers by waking up every day, taking my daughter to school, taking my other daughter to daycare.  Going out there, going to school, knowing that I’m about to be something.  I’m about to get a better job, or I’m about to be a better person for my kids, because I’m striving for a better me, to raise my kids in a better environment."

See Shearine featured in the Philadelphia Daily News and in this trailer for the upcoming documentary Hungry in America.

Shearine is the mother of two girls and one boy. When she joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008, Shearine had recently graduated from a program in medical billing that was sponsored by welfare.  She struggled to find work in her new field and was living with her mother because she couldn't afford rent on her own. Despite receiving SNAP, Shearine often worried about feeding her family at the end of the month.  After years of struggling to care for her children, Shearine was finally able to find full time employment and is now living in a home of her own.

Click below to see Shearine's testimony on the importance of the SNAP (food stamp) program.  The video was made for the Coalition on Human Needs.

2 daughters
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