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Sherry R

Sherry R
Active 2008-2012

"I wish the city could see what I’m going through … I wish they could live in my place for a month and see what I go through when I have to go and look in my refrigerator [and think] oh, I can’t eat this right now. Or, why’d they cut me off from cash when we needed it? Why did the lower my food stamps? Why is my landlord being like this?  I wish that they could see what I’m seeing…"

Sherry is  22 and the mother of a 4 year-old boy, Christopher. When Sherry joined Witnesses to Hunger in 2008 she was living with Christopher’s father in a small apartment in Northeast Philadelphia. Sherry had been receiving cash assistance and Food Stamps until she brought her boyfriend’s pay stubs into the Welfare office; she was told that his $8-an-hour job put them in a higher income bracket and they were no longer eligible for cash assistance and their food stamps were reduced.

Sherry grew up in a supportive foster home and was taken back by her father when she was thirteen. She faced abuse at home so Sherry eventually dropped out of high school and moved out to get away from him. When she joined Witnesses, she and her boyfriend were struggling to provide for Christopher and sustain themselves—the food stamps that they receive usually run out a week before the next month’s are issued and they have to scrape by, eating smaller meals and relying on free pizza from a relative’s restaurant.

Christopher, 4 years old
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