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Shontaya M

Shontaya M
Active 2008-Present

“I’m a strong-willed, black woman, and I can do it.  No matter what you do in life you can do it.  I got through all these trials and tribulations, but no matter what you go through you’re still you."

See Shontaya and her children featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Shontaya, the mother of four children, is a woman with determination and a positive attitude. Throughout her life, she has struggled to find a stable and loving home. She spent a year living in a shelter with her baby daughter, during which she gave birth to a son. She has also had to squeeze into the crowded homes of relatives relatives, and now she is finally in her own rented house with her two youngest children. 

Through all of this Shontaya has survived because of her determination, which she credits to her father.  Shontaya receives no help from her children’s father and is currently in the food stamp and WIC programs.  Although she receives this assistance there have been times when Shontaya has had to solicit extra help from a local church and from neighbors and friends.

4 children
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